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Parking Near The Fountain Rentals

Dear Guests,

Parking in Miami Beach can be challenging but we have some solutions.

  • Please call me to reserve parking at a covered garage near 4th and Michigan. Directions  the garage entrance is on the corner of 4th and Michigan.
  • Call me for other parking options 305-202-0824
  • Garage Parking on 4th and Euclid  it’s called 555 Washington
  • When choosing the location for the 555 Parking choose the 555 Washington location. The Fountain Vacation Rentals is not affiliated with any Parking location and does not take responsibility taken by the guest when parking.  Please read the signs carefully.

Below are links to parking lots or garages near The Fountain Vacation Rentals

Please read all signs when parking in Miami Beach. They Love to TOW!!!